Small Office Desk Organization Ideas

One of the biggest problems with a desk is the amount of paper. It can become overwhelming fast. There are three types of papers: those to be acted upon, those to be stored for future use, and those to discard. These piles can get quite out of control if they are not handled promptly.

Floating shelves

If you want to maximize wall space, try using floating shelves for storage. You can use them to store books, fake plants, and picture frames. Floating shelves also give your workspace an aesthetic appeal. If you have a visual personality, you might like to display a wall calendar. This will save you from having to constantly switch pages on your computer.

You can also purchase decorative storage containers and baskets to use for storing office supplies and reference books. Floating shelves also make smaller workspaces look grander. They can be placed in corners of the room and double as decorative storage. Keep in mind that you need to label the containers with the items they hold.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on organization solutions, you can also make use of inexpensive desktop organizers. These devices will give you additional storage space above your desk, and can be a great way to organize your electronic devices. You can also organize your paper items by using a labeled three-ring binder and keep them organized by category.

Pegboards are another great option for small office desk organization. They can be easily installed and look aesthetically pleasing. Pegboards are a great way to store pens, pencils, and other small office supplies.


Pegboard is a great way to keep office supplies close at hand. It works well with most desk setups and can be customized with containers and organizers. You can even add a floating shelf to store trinkets and other small office items. It’s a great way to free up space and get rid of clutter.

Pegboards are typically made with a standard size of holes (quarter inch or 3/16 inch), but you can also buy oversize pegboards made from plywood. These pegboards can be adorned by applying self-stick fabric or felt, which helps coordinate with the rest of the room. Another way to customize pegboards is to purchase a cork pinboard and apply it to the pegboard.

Pegboards can be used in any room of the house, not just the office. Pegboards can also be used in the kitchen to store kitchen gadgets and supplies, which can free up valuable counter space. You can even use them to hang art. Pegboards can also be used to organize kids’ stuff.

Painter’s tape can be used to create a colorful pattern on pegboard. You can create repeated color patterns or random ones. You can also use pegboard to hold different types of items, including books, headphones, and other miscellaneous items. The pegboard can also serve as a decorative focal point, and you can even decorate it with a variety of colors.


Bookshelves are a great choice for small office desk organization ideas. They provide a perfect place to put pens, pencils, and other small items. They also come with drawers to store office essentials. The design is adjustable, so you can put them in odd angles and corners.

Bookshelves are also a great solution for a cluttered desk. These shelves are easy to install and sturdy. They’re perfect for desks that lack upper shelving. Not only do they provide storage for essential items, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can install them in other areas of your home, too, so they’re a versatile solution.

When using bookshelves as small office desk organization ideas, consider the space they take up. If you have a small desk that needs to be kept organized, you may want to consider using an open-sided bookshelf or a file cabinet. These types of shelves are ideal for storing books, magazines, and other office supplies, but they’re also great for holding small potted plants.

A simple bookcase can also serve as a space for creative activities. Filling it with various textures and objects can create a warm and lived-in look. Aside from books, you can also place textured baskets or pottery collections on the shelves. Even framed artwork can be layered on shelves to create a beautiful display.

Floating trays

Small office desk organization ideas don’t have to be a mess. A few simple tools can make the job easier. For example, you can install a simple floating shelf or two to maximize the amount of space on your desk. You can even decorate the area by placing chic bins or baskets on top.

Floating desks come with various features, including locking drawers and storage compartments. One great option is a keyboard tray that frees up desk space and gives you a place to work. There are also desks that have built-in cable management. These features can help keep cords organized and hidden.

Desk organizers are an excellent way to reduce the amount of clutter that builds up on your desk. You can get cable trays that hold cables so that they don’t get in the way of your workspace. Using trays to hold your office supplies is also a good way to keep your desk free of clutter. You can even make your own desk organizers from leftover boxes. These simple desk organizers will give you more workspace and make it easier to find your things.

The trays can store flat electronics, such as laptops and mice, and everyday office supplies. They can also serve as a place for office plants and pens. Most offices have digital calendars, but a physical calendar is an excellent reminder.

Adding a bank of cabinets

Adding a bank of cabinets around your desk is one of the most popular small office desk organization ideas. It’s a practical way to store important papers, but it doesn’t have to take up valuable space. A pegboard on one wall can also be a great way to organize important papers.

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