Cat Command In Unix


  • To create a file
  • To display the contents of a file
  • To combine two or more files


  • cat ¬†> test-file.txt (to create a file)
  • cat ¬†test-file.txt (to display the contents of a file)
  • cat test-file.txt file-to-combine.txt (will combine both files and display it on screen)
  • cat test-file.txt file-to-combine.txt > combinedcontent.txt ( will combine the first two files and will put its contents in combinedcontent.txt )


Step By Step:

  • open a new terminal and issue the following command
  • cat test-file.txt
  • paste this on the terminal
  • cat command is used to create, concatenate and display files.
    Typing cat existing-file.txt  will display the contents of existing-file.txt on screen, assuming that this file already exists.
    You can use cat > new-file.txt to create a new file and to enter text into it.
  • Press Ctrl+D to save and exit. You have successfully created a file.
  • now issue the following command to see the contents of this file.
  • cat test-file.