Smart people save money on daily basis, are you smart?

Saving money need not always be a chore, or a huge strategy to be so stingy and not eating or having fun no and then. Regardless of what the economy is doing, we have to save money on a daily basis and try to build our safety net of cash for the hard times/ for future.

There are plenty of ways one could save money every day by simple methods which is easy to be followed.

When you go out for shopping eat and then go. Half way through the shopping spree, you get tired and run to the nearest restaurant, the same meals you cook at home is so much healthier and better have you thought about it?

Have a shopping list and stick with the list, this would keep you from buying things which is not absolutely needed, which you know you won’t use it often. One could buy the store brand items that are as good as the brand name ones. Some times, the brand names sell on a higher rate, which might not even be liked by you.

Supermarkets are designed to entice people to buy things. It is their job to see their company is up and running. The racks are filled with things that might invite you to buy them for no apparent reason we buy tons of them.

Start cooking at home. This would sure save a bunch of money, which will make you look forward the last week of the month without a worried look. You would enjoy dining at home. Many people eat outside 5 days in a week, some sort of fast food atleast. For them cooking is a bitter act. Why do they think so, sheer laziness and ‘when I have money I can spend it all the ways I like to’. Just start taking lunch with you to work and see how much money you save by doing so. Once in a while you have to treat your colleagues or some one else, it is not that bad to do so, for other days you have saved enough, so it might not rip your pockets.

Why don’t you take advantage of the store coupons? Some times they at least save the money you are gong to spend on taxes. Just because you find a coupon it doesn’t mean one has to buy the product. Be reasonable find the logic behind buying it.

How many of us are stuck some times that we are looking for a change and we don’t have it at all. May be buying a sachet shampoo or a candle on a day when there is power cut, the days when we frantically try to buy candles at store/ take a Xerox? Where do we keep all the little coins? Just don’t care about it, well now it is time to think of putting them in a place or container and whenever small changes are required use them. They are savings that help us on weird situations when the shopkeeper wants 25 cents change. Some times they can lifesavers.

Try use power that is absolutely needed. Turn power in the room, whenever you go out or think it is ok to do so.Everyone knows that turning off lights when leaving a room helps cut energy costs. But leaving small appliances plugged in when not in use, even if they are turned off, can still draw electricity. When finished using electronics like cell phone chargers, toasters, hair dryers, even TVs – unplug them. This will prevent them from sneaking bits of electricity and making energy bills go up.

Count your total income, then take a piece of paper and make a list of monthly costs (bills, mortgage payment, fuel cost, movie, cafe, etc) with supposing sum of money to spend. Your task this month is not to exceed the number in the budget list.

Have realistic goals. Goals that can be achieved in short term because having long- term goals can easily leave you disheartened. Let your goals be genuine and all yours.

Pay for everything in cash, which prevents you from overspending. If you cannot stop using the credit card at all, at least restrict its usage. If you have a car use it when it is absolutely needed, not use to go to the store just 5 minutes sway from your residence.

Having fun time can real be less expensive and lot happier when you don’t have to buy tickets, and watch a movie stuck on a seat not even able to stretching your feet. Why not invite your friends, let them buy a snack, or some food, have a small potluck, get together time in your house, watch movies, play games and just relax? Does it save money yes sure it does!

Above everything hand out with friends who are simple and who just would not spend foolishly and impulsively. Try to go miles away from “ don’t care attitudes” or “live your live today and don’t think about tomorrow”, kind of people. It is not worth it.

Good luck to you, thanks for reading this article, final say to you is work, work, work, climb up the career ladder by developing skills that would increase your chances of getting better jobs.