Syrian Revolution- revolution of young people who are not sectarian

On March 15, 2011, the wave of Arab unrest, which began with the Tunisian revolution reached Syria. The 2011–2012 Syrian uprising is an ongoing internal violent conflict in Syria. The Syrian people have been struggling for a year now against a criminal and authoritarian regime. Over the past year this regime has been brutal and massacred women and children in Homs, an industrial city in western Syria. In spite of the repression the Popular Movement in Syria continues its demonstrations to over throw the evil regime.

One of the important groups of opponents to the regime is the Syria National Council, (SNC) which are in exile but in close connection to the Muslim Brotherhood and liberals who has link to some Western Imperialism as well. SNC often asked for foreign intervention in Syria but denied they aren’t representatives of Syrian People.

National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (a group inside the country, gathering together nationalists, leftists and Kurds), and the National Coalition gathering around 14 leftist political groups and organization asking for a democratic, social and civic Syria are opposed to any foreign military intervention.

Kurdish and Assyrian parties, nationalists, and liberals, as well as several Islamist groups from different tendencies are not linked to the Muslim Brotherhood like SNC does.

The main organizers of demonstrations, civil disobedience and campaign of strikes are, the coordination committees inside the country namely the Local Coordination Committees (LCCs), grassroots activist networks helping organize and document protests (including through a daily newsletter for the international and Arabic media), the General Commission of the Syrian Revolution, the National Coordination Committee, and other local committees inside Syria. They too appose the foreign intervention.

The Popular Movement also includes the activists who were part of the struggle against the regime before the uprising and especially since the “Damascus spring” of 2001. Mostly men and women around 20- 30 of age, hail for democracy in Syria, defend the Palestinian cause and denounce the US war on Iraq. Activists belonging to General Commission of the Syrian Revolution are now playing an important role in the coordination committees on the ground in Syria, and in the peaceful actions against the regime. The regime is targeting such activists and they punish them, so many have to live in exile.