Letter/ email inviting team for an outing

Subject: Team outing invite

Dear team,

It’s been a long time since we went out as a team and had a good time away from the cares of work and home. I therefore believe everyone would be so excited to get out and have some fun time which everyone so much deserve.

I thought it would be nice to arrange for a team outing at the bowling arena this Friday at around 2 pm, followed by a team dinner. Since it is a weekend, we could also go for a movie together as a team; this movie outing is for those who wish to stay late that night.

I believe this outing will enable us to mingle with everyone, get to know each other more, which is so much required for teamwork. 

Your reply to this email before Wednesday, August 1 is much appreciated, as it would help me to go ahead and make the necessary arrangements. 

Thanks and regards,
Rizwan Afzal