Letter/ Email requesting re-scheduling an interview


Shiraj Bhatt

HR manager

The Cafetechno

657, Lodhi marg

Allahabad 17

Subject: Letter requesting re-scheduling an interview.


Please accept my sincere apologies for my being unable to attend the interview you have called me for. We did have a brief conversation through phone and we had agreed upon a time this Thursday afternoon for an interview with you at your company.

But due to some previous commitment, my team needs my presence in finishing a project, which unexpectedly got delayed due to some technical issues. Therefore I am afraid I cannot commit for anything else until the issue is solved and everything is up and running smoothly.

I am interested in your company and this interview was very important to me. If it is possible I request you to kindly reschedule the interview after two weeks time at a convenient time. I can be reached at +918765436784.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you once again for the time and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Wahid Khan.