MySQL client programs for administration, data retrieval and manipulation

In MySQL Client programs are programs that can be used for communicating with the MySQL server to retrieve, and manipulate the data in the databases that the server manages. MySQL provides several client programs. Below is the list of MySQL client programs with brief description:

  • MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Administrator are graphical front ends to the server.
  • mysql – A command-line program that acts as a text-based front end for the server. It’s used for issuing queries and viewing the results interactively from a terminal window.
  • mysqladmin — Client program for Administering a MySQL Server.
  • mysqlcheck — A program for table maintenance.
  • mysqldump — A MySQL client program for making Database backups.
  • mysqlimport — A Data Import Program for importing data files.
  • mysqlshow — A program to display Database, Table, and Column information.