Dare to dream big, success belongs to you!

Success belongs to those who dare to dream big and pursue it believing in themselves and dare to say aloud it is possible for them to conquer. If you don’t believe in yourself do not expect anyone else believe that you can do anything. Only you can finish the task which is predestined for you, no one can fill in.

As you march towards your dreams, sure you will face with unexpected obstacles, unwanted knots, do not despair, slowly undo it. Pick yourself from the fall, stay determined and take firm steps towards your goal.  

Looking around seeing people growing may disappoint you at times. Never mind those short cut triumphs and back-boneless people, who depend on others for everything. Such victories never can last long. Believe in your talents and your hard work and one day when you reach the top none can share the victory with you. 

Never stop in the middle of your pursuit for the goal. The short term goals of course will be pleasant along the path, distracting at times and makes you feel contented and sometimes even more attractive. But always visualize the long term goal. Won’t the scenery look much more wonderful from the top of the mountain rather on the way uphill?

Surround yourself with people who are motivated and who have the fire in them to fight the odds and come up in life. No matter what happens never give in to any sort of compromise where in the principles that you are holding on to all your life become a big zero suddenly.

There might be weeds amongst you, parasites that suck the energy out of others slowly destroy the host, just like the weeds of the fields. There are some who easily bend their values even though they are pretty sure that the other person is wrong. There are few who hang in there with you to get some benefits but heart of hearts they despise you and your growth. Beware of such people and be mindful to stay with your goal and your dreams always alive in your heart.

Finally think positive always, think that you are born to win, believe that nothing is impossible for you, engrave in your heart to get up and walk firm twice than before after a fall.

When anyone wants to demean you or put you down show them who you are and what you are made of,  by your achievements and by refusing to go down, show them that you are unshakable by trivial things. Best wishes!! Walk strong holding your head high with a brave heart.


Hard work and determination – the vehicle to success

Strong challenges always go hand in hand with strong results, which coupled with hard work makes any challenge look small, easy to grab. Once in a while people get lucky, and get things easy shortcut route. But how long will it last, and how much effort they have to put to get things done by fluke or crook? Nothing matches hard work. 

The willingness to work hard gives you the magic keys to realms open just for you, which no one can have access to. It is your treasure and others just have to watch and sigh, that is what losers do. There is always a say called ‘good luck’, of course some times it clicks, but your hard work and self discipline alone work all the time. 

‘Nothing can substitute hard work’. People who work hard have self respect and see all the challenges as ‘doable’. They know how to work their way through any challenge thrown at them with a faith that nothing is going to stop them from reaching their goal, they aren’t afraid how big the task is. 

‘Practice makes  perfect’, the best people are those who devote much time to practice to make sure that every stone is unturned and making it clear they have prepared very well for vision to come true. Deliberate practice always makes the result perfect it’s all in your hands alone. Know that luck, knowing people everything comes to certain level, no recommendation, no bribe can take you to heights than the trust you have in you, woven beautifully with the hard work, dedication, and determination not to get defeated.

 Nothing is going to stop a person who is armed with hard work, self discipline and on top of it self respect, not to compare himself/ herself to some one else, and not to underestimate his/ her capacities and talents. Armed with a mindset of focus and concentration, makes things clear as to what to do and what not to do at that moment. He/ she doesn’t procrastinate but sticks to the plans made and works harder for reaching the goal they have set for them. 

Finally ending with a quote “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”

Believe in yourself and always think nothing is impossible under the bright blue sky when you have armed yourself for the challenges big or small. Yes we can do it! Be a winner with pride and self respect, that you have made the dreams come true only because of your hardwork and not through fluke or crook. Best wishes!

Repetitive Stress Injury – Computer Vision Syndrome

With growing technology and dependence on computers for most of the daily living, there is a simultaneous increase in health risks, especially for the eyes. One of the eye problems that affect most of the people who spend more than 2 hours a day or who find themselves glued to the computer most of the time.

It is forty times more common than the carpal tunnel syndrome, another health condition, which we have already told you about in one of the life science articles.

The unique features and high visual demands of computer viewing make many individuals susceptible to the development of vision-related symptoms.

What is computer vision syndrome?

  • CVS is not one single eye problem.
  • The term includes a whole range of eyestrain and pain experienced by computers users.
  • This is a repetitive stress injury, occurring when one keeps on doing an action over and over again.
  • This computer vision syndrome could get worse the longer one continues the activity.

Human focusing system:

  • Working in the computer requires that the eye continuously focus, move back and forth and align with when one isn’t seeing.
  • The human focusing system responds fine to well-defined edges with good contrast between the background and any letters and symbols.
  • The eye reacts very differently to the electronically generated characters than the printed pages.
  • Characters seen on the computer screen consists of many dots called the pixels.
  • Pixels are the result of an electron beam striking the phospor-coated rear surface of the screen.
  • Pixel is brightest in the center, with the brightness decreasing toward the outer edges.
  • The eye has hard time focusing on the pixels. They focus on the plane on the computer screen but can’t sustain the focus.
  • They focus on the screen and relax at a point behind the eye called the Resting Point of accommodation (RPA)
  • The RPA is always behind the working point of the computer, which is the distance from the computer user’s eyes to the front of the screen.
  • So now the eye has to constantly refocus back after relaxing at RPA. Just imagine this is equal to opening and closing your fist some 40,000 times or raising or lowering your arms 40,000 times.
  • The ciliary body is the one structure of the human eye that helps this accommodation and this constant flexing of the focusing ciliary muscles create fatigue and generates burning and tired eyes.
  • When you are typing some thing on the system looking down at papers and then back up to type, and the eyes have to accommodate to changing images on the screen in order to create a clear picture for the brain to interpret. All these makes eye muscles so fatigued and one experience one or more of the symptoms given below.

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome:

  • Eye irritation
  • Double vision- Staring at the computer for long time causes Double vision
  • Dry eyes – lack of moisture in the eye
  • Itchy eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Blurred vision – unsteady focus
  • Headaches – brightness and glare and prolonged view of the computer monitor causes headaches
  • Backaches
  • Neck and shoulder pains – Awkward positions while working on the computer causes body aches
  • Muscle fatigues – Ciliary muscle constantly accommodates for the proper focus and relaxation and this makes it tired hence eye muscles are so weary

Few remedies to beat the flu bug

Feeling like an elephant trampled over you and each and every part of your body aches? Are you feeling so week that you are afraid that you are so sick that you are going to die that very moment?

Your head throbs, muscle aches and your brow’s on fire, do you know it is nothing but the flu bug had bitten you?. There are three types (influenza A, B and C), they have unlimited ability to mutate into different forms. Some times one strain gets mutated and produces a different type of symptoms but the same flu. Once you get flu one faces all sort of aches and pains which makes one so drained of energy and weakens one much.

Ok now what can one do once he/she gets flu to manage the sickness with lesser pain? The following are some of the remedies to beat the flu bug.

Stay home:

The flu spreads wildly like a fire and very infectious. It is better to stay home and not be a martyr or workaholic. Stay at home until one day after the temperature has returned normal. Stay rested from school until full recovery.

Get good Rest:

Bed rest is essential because it lets the body put its energy into combating the flu infection. Being active while one is still quite ill weakens the defenses and leaves one open to possible complications.

Drink plenty of fluids:

Liquids are important if he / she has a fever because dehydration can occur. Fluids provide nutrients when one is too sick to eat. Thin soups, fruit and vegetable soups are good. A little sugar provides needed glucose but having them in plenty might cause diarrhea when one is very ill. When one takes carbonated drinks, make sure the soft drinks become completely flat without any bubbles, which in turn cause gas problems and at times makes one nauseated also.

Pain relief is better at times:

Take medications that will reduce the fever, headache, and body aches. It is good to take two tablets every 4 hours. Since symptoms are often most pronounced in the afternoon and evening, medications should be taken regularly over these periods.

Avoid aspirin for children:

Aspirin have shown to have increase incidence of Reye’s syndrome a life threatening neurological illness amongst children under 21 who has flu. Give any medication only after a doctor’s prescribes one.

Think twice before taking over the counter medications:

Over the counter cold medications gives one a temporary relief of symptoms. Few medications may suppress symptoms to the point where one has a false sense of recovering. Prematurely resuming your normal activities can bring on a relapse or trigger serious complications.


Self-esteem a key component of one’s personality

Self-esteem is a key component of personality that influences one’s thoughts, actions, and feelings. Positive self-esteem is a characteristic of psychology healthy people. No one can make you feel inferior or no one can hurt you unless you allow him or her to do so. Learning to love you is the first step, and respecting yourself is next step and rest follows on its own. One cannot expect his neighbor to respect him unless he respects himself, unless he conducts himself with confidence and not comparing yourself with others is insulting you. You’re valuable and precious in your own way, and worthy of everything.

Individuals who have self-respect have these qualities:

  • High degree of autonomy
  • Self-confidence and self-respect
  • Satisfied with themselves
  • Accept challenges and work towards goals
  • They are good team players
  • Not intimidated with his neighbors growth
  • Seek supportive and loving relationships
  • Adjust easily to change
  • Accept responsibility for actions when they make mistakes
  • Patient and collective in tight corners
  • Very sensitive and honest in actions

People with low esteem:

  • Have difficulty making decisions
  • Resist changes their behavior
  • Resent any form of criticism
  • Dislikes any changes
  • Not a team player
  • They are into blame games
  • Not interested in any commitment
  • Afraid of challenges and new ventures
  • Are very insensitive and dishonest

When do people develop self-esteem?

  • Early in childhood one develops self-esteem. Parents and other caregivers play a crucial role in developing self-esteem in a child.
  • By interacting with parents, members of family and others a child develops good behaviors as well as bad.
  • Then a child uses all these information to begin forming their self-image, the way they perceive themselves.
  • A positive relationship with parents and caregivers is essential to develop self-esteem.
  • Children who have positive self-image develop self-esteem because they see themselves good and worthy lovable, and processing many worthwhile and valuable characteristics like honesty and sensitivity.
  • When a child enters school, their social environment enlarges, now teachers, more children in school and members of community become their circle. These people gives new learning experiences that impacts a child positively and negatively on their personality, self-image, and self-esteem.
  • If a child has negative self-image, her school experiences is bad will be filled with emotional disturbances she /he might develop a negative attitude and low self-esteem later on. But a child with a positive self-image, the child develops positive self-concepts that establish the foundation of a lifetime wellness.
  • Parents and other adults help a child feel good about themselves by spending time with them, listening to the child’s concern and treating the child with respect.
  • Self-esteem as an adult is influenced by experiences at school, and home and a variety of social factors, including relationships.

Relationships and experiences that are rewarding, enriching, and satisfying support positive self-esteem. Self-respect and self-esteem go hand in hand in gaining respect and approval of the colleagues and others.

Self-respect is a deep-rooted aspect of any person; it may be low or high during the course of the day but remains stable. People with lower self-esteem have negative thoughts and feelings about themselves. They do not see themselves worthy of anything and feel extreme low periods, which takes a lifetime to get over it. Such people need to learn to identify and appreciate their positive strong traits and develop them instead of their shortcomings.

Accepting constructive criticism supports personal growth and making a few lifestyle changes like developing new hobby, new interest, finding some useful thing that can help them grow, being surrounded with positive thinkers, taking assertive decisions improves one’s psychology to a great extent. Setting realistic goals at work and work towards confidence aids an adult to create positive attitude. Managing interpersonal conflicts constructively and without compromising with anything stand on your principles makes you look confident with self-respect.

Everyone is a star and has a right to twinkle! Best wishes  for a brighter life!